Skin Care


If this blog had a motto, it might be that the simplest choice is usually the best choice. Unfortunately, I don’t always follow that advice. I recently blogged about my complex dental routine that involves three rinses. (For those of you waiting with bated breath, I got a clean bill of health from my dentist and hygienist last week, so I’m sticking with my routine.) Now I’ve added a multi-part skin care regime to the mix.

I’ve tried many high-end product lines over the years, including Dermalogica, Kiehl’s, Mario Badescu, and Kate Somerville. They’re ok, but nothing amazing. (I like Dermalogica better than the others.) In fact, Mario Badescu’s so-called exfoliating scrub is downright ridiculous. Strawberry seeds, really? The past few years, I’ve been using Aveeno cleanser and moisturizer with sunscreen and it’s worked just fine. Yes, that would be Aveeno that you can get at the drug store.  I guess I have decent skin to begin with. But I ran out of my moisturizer and having a healthy dose of girly-girl in me, I got bored with my usual products and wanted to try something new. Plus, I just had my 49th birthday, but don’t tell my skin that! If there’s a magic elixir to retain my skin elasticity, tell me now!

Enter Paula Begoun.  She wrote a book called, “Don’t Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me,”  where she reviews every skin care product known to man.  (Or should that be, “known to woman?”) Some of these reviews are on her website.  TMI!!!  She reviews way too many products for me, I don’t know where to find some of the ones she likes, she hates some of the products I like, you get the picture.  Also, I don’t want a cleanser from one product line, an exfoliant from another, a moisturizer from another.  Simplicity, remember?  How “convenient” then, that Paula sells her own products.  How convenient would it be to click one button and order her whole skin care regime?  So that’s what I did.  (Actually I did it because my sister-in-law loves Paula’s products, and she has beautiful skin.)

Now I have a skin care regime that involves at least five steps.  Seriously, I used to just wash my face and slap on some moisturizer, and I only did it once a day.  Now I have a five-step skin care routine, in addition to my four-step dental care regime, both done twice a day.  And I claim that I don’t have the time or energy to declutter my house or pay my bills on time?  I think “someone” has some misplaced priorities.

Ahem.  My new skin care regime involves cleanser, toner, exfoliant (a gel with BHA that you leave on your skin), an antioxidant serum (which seems unnecessary, but it’s my favorite part — it’s matte in a tube, like spreading velvet onto my face), and moisturizer (one with sunscreen for day, one without for night).  The set also came with a carbon mask that I’m supposed to use 1-2 times a week.  Really?  I’m doing all these other steps twice a day and I still have to do a carbon mask?  But I’m a rule follower, so I do it.  I’m not sure if it’s doing squat.

How does my skin look?  I think it looks pretty good.  I mean, it’s not like people are stopping me in the halls and telling me my skin looks great or complimenting me on how youthful I’m looking.  It probably looked fine to begin with.  But I like how it looks (I’ve even stopped wearing foundation), and I really love how it feels.  Perfectly smooth.  So I’m sticking with this new routine.  At least until I get bored again.

p.s. just so you know, I have received no free or sample products from Paula’ Choice for this review.  In fact, Paula Begoun does not even know I exist, much less that I’m reviewing her products.



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